Corporate Social Responsibility

Our profession as seafood suppliers is very much linked to natural resources and their preservation for the future. We all have a role to play. At Comptoirs Océaniques, CSR has always been supported by management and employees, even without being formalised. In 2020, we clarified our CSR approach and embedded it deeply into the company.

Our CSR approach

Our CSR approach is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals,
ISO 26000
and our management values.

Objectifs de développement durable

Our Naturatuna Charter

We are driven by the conviction that a product should be healthy, good and prove the authenticity of its origin. We are the founders of the Naturatuna Charter, which guarantees tuna that:

  • 100% naturel
  • Additive free
  • No water added

Our responsibility

Un trvail décent

Decent work

As a responsible company, we are committed to working towards decent work for all in our supply chains. We have formalised all of our rules of behaviour and transparency in a Business Ethics Code to guide our actions and ensure that our values are lived out on a daily basis in fair and appropriate relationships.

Le juste prix

The right price

Nous veillons également à une politique de juste prix sur l’ensemble de nos approvisionnements, pour couvrir les surcoûts inévitables liés au respect de la ressource marine, à l’assurance d’un travail décent pour toutes et tous et à la sécurité alimentaire.

Le juste prix

A responsible industry

The seafood sector is facing major challenges. We have chosen to proceed in stages, focusing initially on the specific issues of the tuna industry, our core business. Our Tuna Purshasing Policy demonstrates our commitment to integrating the principles of sustainable development into our relationships with our partners.

Our ambition

Limiting the environmental impact of our business and encouraging more environmentally friendly initiatives with our suppliers in our supply chains.

CSR POLICY 2020/2025

2021 report

In order to monitor our transformation and evaluate our performance, indicators have been put in place since 2021. You can see the 2021 report for our 2020-2025 CSR approach